Convenience Diet Plans

There is one aspect to a diet that is going to attract more people than just about anything else and it has very little to do with the calorie count, nutritional value or menu. That one thing is convenience!

People who lead busy lives simply do not have the time or patience to fiddle around with complex diet plans that need their input for things like working out calories, writing out charts or measuring ingredients, let alone preparing and cooking low calorie, nutritious and balanced meals.

They want convenience and simplicity over just about anything else and the diet industry can provide exactly that criterion for them.

Meal Replacement Dieting Programs

convenience diet plansThere are several popular meal replacement diet companies around, however one is probably the best known for its convenience menus and that is Nutrisystem. This company has been around longer than most, since the 1970s in fact.

It has a good reputation for providing easy to use dieting plans that provide all the essential ingredients that any good, nutritious, balanced and low calorie meal needs and it all comes as a simple, delivered to your door package that just about anyone can understand. With a very affordable price tag, Nutrisystem is well worth the cost if you are serious about losing weight.

This is one of the main reasons for their market dominance and why so many customers return to them whenever they need to lose some weight. They really do provide the whole package from start to finish, including every meal you need to eat for a whole month plus ongoing support and advice from their own team of nutritional experts and counsellors should you need it.

The meals are so simple to get ready to eat, that you wonder why anyone would even bother with traditional diets.

It's Just So Easy

Well, there is a downside to that, and of course there are many very good reasons why people would prefer traditional diets. No matter how well you can make them, pre-packed meals just never come out like a home cooked meal.

Because of their very nature, these kind of diet meals are going to be small, contain additives, especially higher levels of sodium (salt) than you would use in domestic cooking and because the hot meals are heated in a microwave, they simply don't have that home cooked taste.

But with all the good points that home cooked diet meals have over ready-to-eat meals, they lack that convenience value. No matter how hard you try to justify the benefits of home cooked over packaged, the difference between spending all that time in the kitchen preparing and cooking (let alone going to the store to buy the ingredients) and simply taking a meal out of a package and popping it in the microwave, there is just no competing with that level of convenience.

So what have these pre-packed, ready prepared diet meals got going for them in the nutritional department?

Nutritionally Balanced

As you'll see from this exceptionally detailed current review of Nutrisystem, the meals are actually very well put together, varied and in the most part quite tasty. They are nutritionally balanced between proteins, low GI carbs, fats and fiber, as well as being low in calories and high on taste.

That's because they totally replace all your meals every day for a 28 day period, you have no other food to buy at the store (unless you with to add to the meals using Nutrisystem's own recommended additions such as green vegetables, protein sources and salads), and no food preparation or cooking to do at all.

All you do is choose the right diet plan from their varied selection, then order. Meals are ready to eat in two or three minutes and the whole process is just too simple for words.

Is it expensive? Well, not really, considering they replace what you'd normally eat.

So remember to deduct what you'd normally spend on your total food bill for 4 weeks from the cost of the program and you will be pleasantly surprised. Many people find that they actually spend more on their regular food than the whole diet costs them, so they end up saving money while getting a weight loss food program that saves them shopping, cooking and time.

If you need to know more about how this type of diet can help you to lose weight, you can find a lot more information in our own review of Nutrisystem article, where there is plenty of information to help give you a balanced and unbiased view of the product.

After all, if you are looking for convenience in a diet, there are some corners that have to be cut. At least with those provided by Nutrisystem, the cuts are small and the products are of high quality as you are likely to find in the diet industry, which is great news if you want to lose weight as easily and conveniently as possible.