The most popular meal replacement home diet delivery program in the US is Nutrisystem and here we take a look at the many aspects of this program.

We include a large series of articles dedicated to gaining a better understanding of what the program is and how it works for all kinds of different people.

What is Nutrisystem?

For anyone who doesn't already know - maybe you missed the many TV ads or the aggressive marketing in magazines and newspapers - Nutrisystem is a done-for-you diet-in-a-box program that provides all of your low-calorie diet meals for a 28 day period. It literally contains everything you need to eat and lose weight a month at a time.

The meals are individually packaged and labelled to make it as simple as possible to follow the day to day, step by step eating plan that you need to reduce your body's store of fat and with it the excess weight you want to say goodbye to. Meals are nutritionally balanced and healthy enough to provide all the fuel your body needs to function healthily while being low enough in calories to bring about weight loss.

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The facts are not quite as glamorous as their pop singer star mascot, nor as financially explosive as their television advertising campaign would have everyone believe. While sales have continued to maintain their momentum, the company's stock levels have not been so fortunate. Shareholders have become increasingly concerned that the poor performance of the company's stocks will reflect throughout the company as time wears on and no improvements seem to be forthcoming.

Where Can Improvements Be Made?

As far as the average dieter is concerned, there could be some big improvements made in the quality of some of the meals, if you listen to all the complaints leveled at the company from a variety of online forums. Customer service could also use some anger management classes as there appears to be increasing numbers of customers complaining that they were getting into arguments with support staff because they were not helping them with their problems.

Early Cancellation

That those problems mainly seem to stem from trying to cancel the program early and then being told they would be charged extra for early cancellation plus having to pay the cost of shipping shows that people simply don't understand that they have to stay on the program for at least two months or incur a penalty for early cancellation if they took advantage of a special offer. If you look at the website, there is a scrollable terms box at the foot of the page that clearly states that customers must accept and pay for the second shipment of food to avoid any early cancellation penalty and if they do try and cancel before the second shipment is sent out, they will have to pay for the free shipping the got as part of the special offer on their first month's food package.

What is happening, clearly, is that people are signing up for the first month special deal (typically 40 percent off plus free shipping) and expecting they can get away with a cheap diet for a month and then cancel the rest before they have to pay for the next month shipment of food. When they try and cancel and are told they will incur the extra costs by customer support, many blow a fuse and get into a heated argument with the staff member. It's not the staff member who is at fault here, but they have to often endure an angry customer who will then go on to write in a forum about how bad customer support was. It's not very fair, but it goes on all the time.

A solution would be for Nutrisystem to be more transparent about the way in which their special offers are worked out. It's a terrible thing to say, but the truth is that many people are not very intelligent when it comes to figuring out how to read a web page where the important stuff they need to read is down at the foot of the page on a small box they have to scroll to read. Worse is that many people simply don't read the information, because they have been conditioned over the years to have no interest in reading something called "terms and Conditions." It just makes their eyes glaze over and they don't really take it in.

There needs to be a way of making sure people are totally aware of what signing up for a special offer entails in no uncertain terms. That is unless Nutrisystem are happy to continue the way they are going and simply accept the small number of incidents involving such customers and their scathing complaints.

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